Well its been a few weeks to figure this out, but i’m just over the moon and this new platform and finally i’ve put together the very first episode of the Prismatic Pioneer podcast!!

My first guest is Samantha Zangrilli, of Turkey Tail Farms set in the hills of Yankee Hill, CA! Sammy is an amazing charismatic and enthusiastic woman who has been changing the face of the local scene around Chico, CA for many years through slow + sustainable food and with the love of hard work and dedication she has been able to put together a rad little mobile music festival that happens on bicycle through the streets + parks of Chico as well!!11168568_10100751840028650_7400683106424314782_n

Samantha is a California born, flower farmer, shepherdess, fowltres and butcher.

Raised in Amador County CA, Samantha sought travel. After some time in Ghana and Hawaii graduated from Chico State with a degree in Environmental Politics. Samantha committed her life to the love of bikes and environmental awareness. She took to a life of cycling and cooperative living at the GRUB Farm Cooperative. During her time at the GRUB cooperative she founded the Chico Bicycle Music Festival. The Bicycle Music Festival is an all day, traveling, bicycle powered, free event. A day of bike-powered music, people powered energy and grass-roots fun. The  Chico Bicycle Music Festival just celebrated its 8th year.

Also during her time at GRUB she met her now husband of six years, Cheetah,and moved to the oak savanna foothills. At Turkeytail Farm she has expanded the scope of products as well as marketing platforms. Her and her husband operate a pork, lamb, chicken, mushroom, flower subscription program, serving their local community.


Is rooted in a passion for quality food and love of the natural world. We produce Grass-Fed Lamb, Pasture-Raised Chicken, Pork, Duck Eggs,Oyster Mushrooms, Cut Flowers and Culinary Herbs on 40 acres of oak savanna, brushland, and pasture in Yankee Hill, California. Seated between the immense wilderness of the Plumas National Forest and the great bread-basket of the Sacramento Valley, we manage our land for both the production of food and expansion of wildlife habitat. When we arrived in 2008 the property had been overgrazed by cattle for many, many years. The pastures were depleted, and the hillsides rutted from cattle traversing the muddy slopes. We began grazing and running poultry and working with Natural Resource Conservation Service and developed  a conservation plan to improve wildlife habitat through intensive grazing and browsing. Our farm employs observation of nature and regenerative agriculture to bring you the finest food available.


I  truly hope you enjoy listening to this first episode, i enjoyed this entire process and cant wait to have my second episode live! Ha!

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